CrossDesign Lab

We study and develop the most efficient and creative design process to react rapidly changing way of communication between human and environment. 
CrossDesign Lab focuses on creating interaction design contents and services following UX process to give 'an experience' to users, and keeps thinking better process to catch what people exactly desire in their unconsciousness. To do so, we study and teach contents planning theory based on UX process, basic design concept and skills, and various tools for 2D, 3D, and physical interaction design. 

'CrossDesign' comes from 3C(cross-functional, cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural focused) design. To better understand 'who we are',  it becomes more important to know how and what we are connected with, and we believe the convergence of different ideas, cultures, and functions is the main key to create better humane and emotional design.


Soongsil University, School of Global Media, CrossDesign Lab